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The 3 roads to arrive at your healthy body destination

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

1 The JET quick fix

If you want change fast, read here...

This is for sure the most pleasurable and relaxing way to get healthy. It's so simple. Book yourself in at a health spa (at least for 21 days to experience real change), book your trip, do the EFT and there you are. While some therapist massages all the stress out of your tense body, another one rubs your feet, while a brilliant chef whips up a wonderful meal for you to enjoy next to the pool. With a splendid view over nature and relaxing music in the background, all you have to do is to lie back and relax and let your body do the healing. If your vacation and bank account is healthy enough, this may just as well be the perfect start for the rest of a healthy life. (Make sure to take the number of the brilliant chef, in case you need his support when you get back home.)


2 The DO-DONE 1% road

If this is not you, skip this section.

There are some people who just have it. You say "Do" and they say "DONE!". No matter what the challenge, they tackle it head on AND make it sound so very easy. Like a lifestyle change - wake up 5 AM - their natural rhythm. Do the gym - what a pleasure. Prepare healthy food - oh, they just love it. Loose 10 kg by tomorrow. No question! They have a natural zest for life and challenges are there food. Convert to a healthy lifestyle - DONE. Just give them a plan and they execute it flawlessly without a hick up of any sorts. They are fit, have healthy kids and loads of energy to tackle the next challenge. I salute them - the handful I know. Because in reality - they are part of the less than 10% of the population who makes healthy living look like childs play. For the rest of us...not so easy.


3 The travel buddy journey

The rest of us, like me, needs more to make a shift. Definitely more support. A travel buddy who really listens and understand my real life struggles is the best companion for a new journey. I want someone who knows enough about the journey to give me wise advice while listening to my challenges and help me make real practical plans. A coach of sorts. Like a personal trainer (the nice ones that don't shout!) who works out a plan that is perfect for your age, fitness level and health challenge. A coach who meets you where you are and inspire you to take the brave steps to where you want to be. One who knows exactly what knowledge and encouragement you need for your next step. One who climb the mountain with you and make it an enjoyable journey!

And this is quite in line with science! Research shows that people who tackle a lifestyle challenge within a supportive community has more than a 240% change of succeeding than someone who walk the road alone.

Travelling together is much better...

So - where do you see yourself? On the JET to your destination OR did you reach it yesterday already OR "where's my coach?"

At Light2Live we are serious to help people reach their destinations being the travel buddies, mentors and coaches they need to get them where they want to go. We believe every person is unique with his/her unique challenges and need a personalised plan and strategy to optimally succeed. And before we sit a foot on any path, we first make sure we climb the right mountain and gear ourselves up for the journey of a lifetime.

You won't believe how amazing is the view from the top! We've taken quite a number of travelers to the top...

Take the next step and start your journey to health and life. Here is what we can do for you...

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