We don't only focus on weight, but ultimately about your life experience - body, soul and mind!


Take your Light2live principles to the next level.
Brighter, lighter and healthier.  Because your can!

Rewrite your story


Abundant living is not about a perfect life. 
It's about never giving up. 

We know by now that life is not smooth sailing.  Challenges will come your way and when it do, you want to be prepared to handle it in such a way that it will make you stronger and not destroy you.

Now that you know what the basic principles of healthy living is, what about taking it one step further and really dig deep to live brighter, lighter and healthier.  One day at a time.

Our focus is to empower our clients to go even further on their journey to purposeful living inside a healthy body and mind! 

Cherry Blossom

The Light2Live Abundant LIFE II program includes all the tools you need to live lighter, brighter and healthier!  

Adding to your current recipe book with 70+ recipes, we have added 30  brand new recipes with the focus of health-on-the-go. 

Making healthy living in a busy lifestyle doable.

What is included in the Abundant LIFE level 2 program?

New tips and tricks to create shortcuts in preparation that will automate your daily routine to support your success

New delicious, scientific based menu plans to choose from that will be in line with your healthier living goal.

Weekly inspirational sessions to dive deeper into the Light2live principles

How to let go of your past struggles and failures in order to embrace a brighter future.  

Your personality type says a lot about your HOW and WHY in life.  Understand yourself better and thrive in your relationships - even with yourself!

The road to transformation is through strengthening your wings.  Get the tools to build resilience to push through the obstacles.

New ways to make healthy habits part of your every day life

BONUS sessions

4 Super-inspirational videos from experts in self-leadership.  Discussion after video's to make it practical

The Abundant LIFE level II group coaching program is a
6-week course that is entirely online.

Participate from anywhere where you have access to the internet.

When signing up to this group course, you will be guided week by week by an experienced coach who knows how to help you to gain momentum towards your goals!

We believe in progress, not perfection. Grace and kindness is part of our DNA.  It's easier to have grace with yourself if you understand yourself better.  This is why a personality analysis forms part of the program.

Live coaching every week

Every week we have a live session of 1 to 1.5 hours long.
You will be equipped with new knowledge and tools that will help you move forward.  You will learn the science behind excellent nutrition and experience it first hand in your body.
You will receive extra support and guidance with videos that will inspire you and strengthen your knowledge base.
In these sessions, we
celebrate successes and highlights of the previous week and strategise on obstacles.
You can send your questions to our team.  This will be discussed during the Q & A (Questions and Answers) timeslot every week.  


Each session repeats 3 times per week. 
The first introductory session will be 1.5 hours long.
Session 1:  30 August 2022 and repeat 1 September 2022 

  • Tuesdays:  15h00 - 16h30

  • Tuesdays:  19h00 - 20h00

  • Thursdays:  12h00 - 13h00

  • 6 Weeks (+ 4 BONUS sessions)

  • Delicious 10-day menu plans to choose from

  • 30+ new recipes added to existing recipe book

  • Healthy pack-and-go recipes

  • 6 Weekly live group sessions (+ 4 Bonus sessions)

  • 6 topics with practical tools to apply in your everyday life

  • Video's to equip and inspire

  • All new weekly progress tracker

  • New habit principles and habit tracker



Payment options

At any time, you can only give proper attention to the top 5 priorities in your life. 
You know you are ready to do this program when you have decided that your quality of life is priority.  Making it a commitment, means to invest in yourself.  Choose any of the 3 payment options that fit your budget the best. 

R2 500 once-off payment

Special for Aug 2022!!
Get R400 discount if you sign up before 1 Sep.  Use the code:  ALIFE2  to redeem your discount at the checkout point.

Registration closes on 
31 Aug 2022

Two monthly payments of R1 100 each

Three monthly payments of R750 each

Six monthly payments of R390 each