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Power Hour!

🌟 You are invited to join us for a Power Hour: The holistic approach to live a non-anxious life 🌟

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🗓 Date: 22th July 2024
⏰ Time: 7 PM - 8 PM

Anxiety is real. It's powerful. It impacts millions of people of all ages. Anxiety is one of the biggest mental health challenges of our time.
It disrupts our thoughts, health, and steals our peace. But there is a way out.

To start healing, you have to address the root causes of anxiety in your life that throw your wellness and world out of balance.
Let's talk about the six holistic choices you can make every single day to help build a non-anxious life!

Join Lifestyle Coach Ilze Jordaan for an exciting PowerHour session where she shares how to deal with anxiety effectively.

Light2Live Team
✨ Don't miss out! ✨

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