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You don't have to live in pain and poor health. 

There is another way.

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We believe you are more than just what you eat.  What you think and what you do daily have as much impact on your life as your food.  

Our approach to a healthy lifestyle is holistic - we focus on nutrition first, add stress relief techniques, and build new healthy habits—all within 6 weeks.

To enjoy a healthy, normal-weight body,  and to make a change that lasts a lifetime, you need a program that you will enjoy and can execute successfully in the environment where you live. 
Every member in the Light2Live community gets a nutritional plan they enjoy, and then we guide you from start to finish during your 6-week journey to a new, healthy body and life.  Every week, we celebrate your progress, listen to your questions, and implement practical answers that bring you closer to your goals.
At the end of your 6-week program, you will not only be able to navigate your nutrition in any situation but will have the tools and knowledge to make your healthy lifestyle your new normal.

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Level I:
7 weeks
One-to-one coaching



Level II 
Abundant LIFE program


Level II
individual program
start at your own time 

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You are unique with your own specific needs. Not sure what path to take?  Talk to us, we will gladly guide you in the right direction.  The first consultation is on us.  



Light2Live-Mkhize couple testimonial

Mkhize couple:

Fit, healthy and full of energy.  

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After a week of starting the program, we noticed significant changes. I immediately started sleeping very deeply and waking up at 5:00 in the morning fully rested and energetic.

My husband started noticing his acid re-flux decreasing and within 3 weeks he was off the medication and without any re-flux by purely following your program tailored for us. Before the program, if he forgot to take his medication he would feel really sick. By making the dietary and lifestyle changes recommended for us, we have been able enjoy greater quality of life.

We are more regular, active and have even lost weight. My husband lost 10 kg and I lost 5 kg  and have kept it off. 

The recipe book that comes with the program is a huge help which makes meal prep and using new ingredients such a joy. It is easy to follow and has easily available ingredients; the recipes are so delicious and have become part of our staple diet. Thank you so much for empowering us to live healthier lives and to be able to pass on this knowledge and lifestyle to our kids.


Forever grateful

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