A powerful action plan to improve health, lose weight and get a new zest for life!

The best about the once-off DOUBLE BLESSINGS program is that the more you succeed, the more rewards you will get.  When you complete all the action steps, you will not only enjoy a lovely, healthy and energised body but will be rewarded with your investment back in your pocket... and even more!

The program starts on 12 January and 18 January 2021 and lasts for 6 weeks with an additional 2 weeks allowed to reach your agreed goals.

*  A delicious, easy and well-balanced menu plan designed for optimal success

*  Recipe book with 60+ delicious and easy recipes 

*  Nutritional guidelines

* 6 weeks of group coaching sessions to master a new healthy lifestyle

*  Videos, audio and/or presentations on specific health topics to inspire and transform

*  Strategies to manage stress and overcome anxiety

*  Health and wellness progress tracker to measure your success

*  Daily motivations and coach connection to help you every step of the way


Double blessings


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Your first step to optimize your health.  It may be the best step you take this year! And it's free!

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