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Overcome Anxiety and Stress Naturally

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For years scientists believed that your brain was fixed, but the latest neuroscience shows clearly that our thoughts and food shape our brains.
With a well balanced nutrition plan and s
tep-by-step coaching, you will find the tools to overcome anxiety and stress.

The 6-week plan includes a recipe book with easy-to-make delicious food, a health and wellness tracker to measure your progress and insightful videos to inspire and help with your transformation. Weekly coaching and feedback sessions help you to stay focused and work towards recovery - body, mind and soul.

  • Health and wellness analysis
  • Personalised menu plan
  • Recipe book (60+ easy recipes)
  • 6 Weekly coaching sessions
  • Daily nutrition guidelines
  • Wellness progress tracker
  • Support & assistance with overcoming obstacles
  • Practical tools to manage stress the healthy way
  • Videos to inform & transform
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