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Optimal nutrition for healthy children and bright minds

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Many families are in pain because of the struggle with learning and behavior problems. Through many years working with food and children, we know that food have a profound impact on young brains. With delicious, child-friendly recipes, we assist you on the road to better concentration, school reports and calm, flourishing minds! Help your child to perform his/her best in sport and activities with easy to digest, tasty smoothies and energy food. Practical plans and weekly coaching sessions help you to stay focused and on track towards healthy, brilliant minds (and bodies) for the whole family!

  • Pre-evaluation of specific health, sport or study challenges to design a personalised nutrition plan for your child
  • Weekly updated menu plan - specifically related to food allergies and brain foods.
  • Recipe book with 60+ easy and delicious child-friendly recipes
  • Daily nutritional guidelines simplified for every day use
  • 6 Weekly coaching sessions to equip and inspire you with the best knowledge to make progress. Questions and Answer session included.
  • Practical plans to make the transition easier and fun for everyone
  • Weekly progress tracker - celebrate successes and support and assistance with overcoming obstacles.
  • Videos to inform, inspire and transform.

Your child are wonderfully made. We help you to remove the obstacles out of the way so that your child can truly blossom!

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