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Deal with Diabetes

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The diagnosis of Type II diabetes should not be a sentence of life-long imprisonment. Since the cause of becoming type II diabetic is lifestyle related, it can also be reversed - the sooner the better. With a powerful diabetic-reversal nutrition plan to address the specific causes of diabetes, you can reverse this disease within 6 - 12 weeks. You will receive the necessary support and coaching to guide you in the right direction towards optimal health and renewed vitality. Get rid of all aches, pains and habits that don't serve you. The 6-week plan also includes a recipe book with easy-to-make delicious food, a health and wellness tracker to measure your progress and insightful videos to inspire and help with your transformation. Weekly coaching and feedback sessions help you to stay focused and work towards a sustainable, diabetes free body and life!

  • Health and nutrition analysis
  • A personalised diabetes specific menu plan
  • Recipe book (60+ easy recipes)
  • 6 Weekly coaching sessions
  • Daily nutrition guidelines
  • Wellness progress tracker
  • Support & assistance with overcoming obstacles
  • Tools to manage stress the healthy way
  • Videos to inform & transform

Being diagnosed with diabetes is not the end. It's time for a new beginning.

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