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Rewrite your story

You don't have to live in pain and poor health. 

There is another way.

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Supporting Your Success



You can have the body you want!

Since we know that the weight loss journey is about more than just food, we carefully evaluate your needs and then design your personalised nutrition plan.  We identify and eliminate destructive habits and replace them with healthy habits. 

And then walk every step of the road with you so that you can reach your normal weight destination.  Your body was designed to be normal and healthy. 

With the perfect meal and action plan, you won't believe how quickly your body will shed the extra weight.



Becoming pain free

Being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, MS, etc. can be a painful battle.  Your body was designed to be healthy and full of energy - not ill and in pain.  With our target-specific nutrition plans, you can restore your health and become pain-free.  
Add to this our coaching program that will assist you on the journey and you can be able to improve and even reverse your disease within a few months.  The results of our clients together with other scientific evidence show it is possible.


Strengthen your immune system - from the inside out!

The COVID-19 war the world is fighting right now may just be the perfect time to rethink your health.  What would you do to strengthen your body towards health? And against disease - not just the Coronavirus.

Since changing our lifestyle and diet 16 years ago, we went from poor health and debt because of medical bills to freedom from all diseases. No more long queues in pharmacies or doctors visits. From zero energy to waking up energised and with a zest for life.  Life surely is an adventure now and we cannot wait to share the key to freedom with you.



A brilliant mind starts with a healthy breakfast and lunchbox

Many families are in pain because of the struggle with learning and behavior problems.  Through many years working with food and young ones, we know that food have a profound impact on young brains. With a delicious, child-friendly food program, we assist you on the road to better concentration, school reports and calm, flourishing minds!


Eliminating your risk and

 get your life back

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you also have a higher risk of heart disease. 

With more than 40 years of research and results with diabetes and heart patients that recover and gain their life and vitality back, the evidence is there to help your heart become strong and healthy again with the right nutritional plan. 

Many diabetics had overcome and reversed their diabetes with this lifestyle!

Say YES to a new future of happy memories with your loved ones!


The brain & gut connection

For years scientists believed that your brain was fixed, but the latest neuro-science shows clearly that our thoughts and food shape our brains.  With a well-balanced nutrition plan and step-by-step coaching, you will find the tools to overcome anxiety and stress.

The 6-week plan includes a recipe book with easy-to-make delicious food, a health and wellness tracker to measure your progress and insightful videos to inspire and help with your transformation to a healthy and calm body, mind and soul.

You won't have to hide any longer.

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Family Cooking

If health is your priority, Light2Live is there to help you on the right track to achieve all of your health goals. Whether you want to strengthen your immune system,  improve your health, lose weight, overcoming fear, and anxiety or trying to combat an auto-immune disease, there are so many ways Light2Live can help. 

 For more information, get in touch

Healthy Morning


We believe since every person is unique with specific beliefs, lifestyle and needs, every client deserves a personalised, unique program that is tailor-made to meet his/her needs.  
No one size fits all approach.
To make a change that lasts a lifetime, you need a program that will work for you where you are in the environment where you live. 
Thus we first design your specific nutritional plan and then walk in step with you from start to finish your 6-week journey to a new life together.  We are there every week to guide you, evaluate your progress, listen to your questions and adjust your plan where necessary to achieve optimal results and ultimately reach your health goal.
After finishing your 6 weeks, you will receive a maintenance strategy plan as your healthy lifestyle becomes your new normal.



Get in touch today to schedule an initial consultation with us. 

Let us help you reach your personal goal.

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"Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners"

William Shakespeare

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Stories of Hope


Light2Live-Mkhize couple testimonial

Mkhize couple:

Fit, healthy and full of energy.  

Sbonelo and Thulani - now.jpg

After a week of starting the program we noticed significant changes. I immediately started sleeping very deeply and waking up at 5:00 in the morning fully rested and energetic.

My husband started noticing his acid re-flux decreasing and within 3 weeks he was off the medication and without any re-flux by purely following your program tailored for us. Before the program, if he forgot to take his medication he would feel really sick. By making the dietary and lifestyle changes recommended for us, we have been able enjoy greater quality of life.

We are more regular, active and have even lost weight. My husband lost 10 kg and I lost 5 kg  and have kept it off. 

The recipe book that comes with the program is a huge help which makes meal prep and using new ingredients such a joy. It is easy to follow and has easily available ingredients; the recipes are so delicious and have become part of our staple diet. Thank you so much for empowering us to live healthier lives and to be able to pass on this knowledge and lifestyle to our kids.


Forever grateful

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